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Suzhou Junchuang Auto Technologies Co., Ltd. (NEEQ:833533) was established in June 2005. It is located in Mudu Town, Suzhou City, Jiangsu, China. Mudu Town is a famous ancient town in coast of Taihu Lake with 2,500 years history. Till December 2022, the company's registered capital was 100.1511million RMB. In 2019, JC kicked off a construction project for 30,000 square meters new premise in 30 mu land (roughly 18000 Square meters) to meet the capacity expansion needs..

The company always strives for the company vision of “ Talents,Gathering to Strive for Family Culture.Innovation,Driving to Build up World Class Reliable Supplier” , and adheres to the quality policy of “Professional Technology, Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Employees Satisfaction”. The company takes the research and development, manufacturing and sales of auto parts as its core business and provides automotive parts that meet the industry development trend and application needs to the strategic customers including both car manufacturers and their components provider. After more than ten years of development, the company has formed a comprehensive manufacturing and service capability integrating synchronous product design, process development, mold research/development and manufacturing, precision injection molding, system component assembly.

Company Culture

Talents and Innovation

    To be a dynamic enterprise with human compassion and thecapability to learn from forerunners


    Build up World Class Supplier in Automotive Industry

    Upgrade Supply Chain Soft Power by Chinese enterprise


    Values: Self-Discipline, Partnership, Big Picture and Success, Wn-Win

    Ethics: Honesty, Integrity, Preciseness, Passion

    Way of thinking: Take Technical Approach to Address All Problems

    Bottom line and principles: integrity, preciseness, acceptance, no complaints, no corruption

Development history

  • 2005

    Established Jun Chuang Plastics & Molding Products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (Former company) .

  • 2010

    Completed initial capital and capability accumulation, stepped into the automotive industry

  • 2012

    Successfully introduced the TS16949 system and obtained the certificate

  • 2013

    Started mass production indirectly for Ford, Jaguar/Land Rover OEM for sunroof plastic parts

  • 2014

    Started mass production indirectly for GM, Volkswagen, Nissan, Toyota OEM for suspension bearing plastic parts

  • 2015

    Official listed into National Equities Exchange And Quotations (NEEQ) system, stock code: 833533

  • 2016

    Established subsidiary, Suzhou Junchuang Tool Industry Co., Ltd., to improve the overall competitiveness by researching precision molds

    Obtained high-tech enterprise certificate

    Directly issued 800,000 shares, raised funds of 10 million RMB

  • 2017

    Established a R&D team base on process technology as its core capability, to provide one-stop technical solution for customers.

    Directly issued 2.18 million shares, raised funds of 30.956 million RMB

  • 2018

    Established subsidiary, to expand the production and sales capabilities of metal products in the automotive industry.

    Successfully introduced the ISO14001 system and obtained the certificate

    The new factory construction project was successfully kicked off (the land area is 5 acres and the construction area is 30,000 square meters)

  • 2020

    The 30,000 sqm plant was put into operation

  • 2021

    Establishment of Junchuang North America, Inc

  • 2022

    Successful listed on the Beijing Securities Exchange(IPO)

Guaranteed by policy

Professional Technology, Quality Employees Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction


    Technical concept: Take Technical Approach to Address All Problems

    Technical Category: Product Technology, Process Technology, Financial Technology, IT Technology, Management Technology, Project Technology

    Technical division: development, innovation, improvement

    Technical method: design cost, design profit, design mold, design automation, design environment, implement precisely, and guarantee consistency of design and processing

    Establish roadmap for all technology development, resource and budget increasing yearly; standardization and software upgrade

    Adopt planning, analysis, verification of data, use of data to describe technical processes, and use data to express technical results



    Quality policy: zero defect in product quality, zero defect in behavioral quality, technology guarantee quality

    Quality standards beyond customer expectations, raising quality barriers, and establish quality continuous improvement road map

    Technology drives quality and pursue high-quality production processes, guarantee employees and customers both satisfied

    Preciseness, honesty, and profession in quality standard implementation; develop Junchuang professional standard



    All members satisfaction: employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction, social satisfaction

    Employee satisfaction concept: capable to self-satisfy, be capable and willing to satisfy all others

    Junchuang people firmly believe that only when employees and shareholders are satisfied at the same time, Junchuang’s policy and vision can be come to reality.

    Establish employee satisfaction system and satisfaction management system, and to raise employee satisfaction continuously

    Establish improvement path of employee satisfaction, share profits and company gains with employees, and Let employees become shareholders



    Customer is Master, meet customer requirements, and grow with customers

    Create value for customers and become a strong supporter of customers

    Customer satisfaction is priority and meets customer demands

    Junchuang people firmly believe that only the customer satisfaction, Junchuang's policy and vision can be achieved. Junchuang will continue to provide resources, build team, and prepare stipulation. All management must make customer satisfaction priority of planning and execution.

Service Brand

We are in the largest and most stable industry in the world

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